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Saturday, December 5, 2015

My STOLEN Flush Rush Quarterly Piece: 

"RUSH LIMBAUGH HERE, Broadcasting from Rome, circa Jesus of Nazareth”

Fool that I am, way back when I sent a piece I'd written to the now-defunct Flush Rush Quarterly and immediately forgot about it. Later, however, I happened to pick up an old copy of the rag, turned a few pages, and there it was— my piece, intact and unedited, except for the author's name: they'd published it UNDER SOME MAN'S NAME!   How shrewd of the editors.  A humorist by the name of "Henry Kesselmann" didn't exist —I searched and searched— but, as everyone knows, "women don't write satire," and so what else could the editors do?

Well, here it is, just for the record. It's a Christmas story, folks. Nothing much, but it's MINE!

How ironic too, how the editors placed evidence of Rush Limbaugh's sexism on the same page: See the box: "TAKE THE VOTE FROM WOMEN," just as they themselves had taken my authorship from me on the same page!

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